RMR and Legacy

"We don't build robots. We build the people who build robots."


Rocky Mountain Robotics is incredibly proud of all our alumni who have gone on to do amazing things and have contributed greatly to our team’s legacy. Something that we are extraordinarily proud of is the four members of our team who have won the Best Youth Mentor Award at an FLL Regional competition. Many of our alumni have come back to mentor the team and pass on their knowledge. We have even had one of our alumni donate funds to the team saying that it was our team that got her the job to earn the money, so she wanted to give back to the team. Alumni have gained more than just mechanical and robot related knowledge from being a part of RMR. Skills such as public speaking, teamwork, and communication have all helped them succeed both at university and in their future careers. Multiple past members have been granted scholarships and internships because they were a part of FIRST robotics. We want to honor our alumni and what they have gone on to accomplish, encouraging current members to pursue their dreams and use RMR as a stepping stone to even greater accomplishments.

On this website we have a place for alumni to say where they are now as well as a link to our RMR Alumni Facebook page. As a team we hope to do more than just build a robot and compete in a competition. We want to make an impact on the people around us. We want to create a legacy. Our team motto is, “Reach as high as you can dream.” It’s our hope to not only encourage our team members to follow this, but to inspire everyone we interact with to reach for their dreams and form a deeper appreciation for science and technology. We have taken Dean Kamen’s vision statement to heart and as a result we do not just build robots. We build people who build robots.


Testing a past year's manipulator


RMR Alumni

More important than the awards we receive is the effect that the team has had on our students. Many of our RMR alumni are currently pursuing science and engineering majors at prominent universities. Our high return rate year after year shows that, in addition to being inspired, students are having fun. Working beside them, local professionals, parents, and teachers are also enjoying themselves while sharpening their design, teaching, and leadership skills.  It’s a unique blend of teamwork, inspiration and the real-world application of classroom lessons, where everyone learns something. In the future, we hope to build a database of Rocky Mountain Robotics Alumni on this page. We are currently gathering information, stay tuned!