STIMS (FIRST Consent and Release Form)


The lettering requirements form states this has to be completed by October 7th, but since the information was not posted the date has been extended. Directions for signing up for STIMS (the FIRST Consent and Release Form) are below, and will also be posted to the website. Please note there is both a student and parent portion to signing up, and this form is different from the one you signed to be a part of the team.  


Here is the link and directions for STIMS!


Note: STIMS is a release form for FIRST. You have signed up for RMR; however, you must sign up online to be a part of FIRST Robotics. This is so at competitions, they may take your picture, and you can officially be a part of the team.


-Directions for STIMS: 

    1. The link is attached. Click on the link to go onto the website.

    2. In the right hand column, there is a Login box and a New Student button. If you were on RMR robotics last year, fill in the login box. If you are a new member, click on the New Student button. Follow the directions.

    3. Make sure your PARENTS complete their portion as well.